Becoming Bristol, formally The Exchange, have released their new single, Sort Myself Out. They collaborated with Los Angeles producer AKA Wolves who has previously worked with John Legend, as well as up and coming acts such as Lostboycrow.

Britt Espinosa, from the band says “The song is about introspection and taking responsibility for where I end up in life, instead of looking for something or someone else to blame”

They started touring when Britt was sixteen years old. The band from Seattle are totally self-managed and self-booked over 500 shows and 8 national tours. Consisting of brothers Britt and Jack Espinosa, Tyler Mays and Manny Gounder, the four-piece has drawn upon a diverse pool of musical experiences to curate something fresh for listeners in the alternative/pop music world.

The name of the band does not refer to the city in the south west of the UK, but is inspired by the legend of a traveler named Bristol, who caused entire towns to stir with kindness and generosity. Like the fabled traveler, Becoming Bristol look to create a sense of togetherness and potential wherever they play.

The group will be releasing new material over the course of 2018 and bringing a captivating live show to stages across the Pacific Northwest of the USA

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