Billy Raffoul Releases Without Falling In Love

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Billy Raffoul was destined to be a touring musician. His father, Jody is a solo artist in Canada and has opened for artists such as Joe Cocker and Bon Jovi. He has served his Rock N Roll apprenticeship playing out four and five nights a week in bars from Leamington to Detroit and back and singing demos for other artists. This is how he was ‘discovered’ when he went into the studio to sing on some Kid Rock demos. An iPhone video was sent to his now-manager, who used to work with… Kid Rock.

In the intervening three years he has been releasing music and playing live. His touring has been as a support artist, last year with Parachute, but 2020 sees Billy embarking on a Headline Tour of North America and Germany. Billy has released his latest single,Without Falling In Love. This is a more complex and layered single to his previous release, It’s A Beautiful Life, and may hint at the diversity on the debut album.

Billy says: “‘Without Falling in Love’ is a song that has been in my voice notes for almost half a decade. Excited to finally have it out in the world. Sonically it’s one of the most “out-there” songs I’ve released.”

Between rehearsal sessions, we asked Billy a few questions, about his journey, touring and the new album.

As your father is a Canadian rock legend is it easy to carve your own path, or are there always comparisons made?
Whenever anyone draws comparisons between my father and I it does nothing but inspire me. I feel like it’s easy to do my own thing because while my inspiration to pursue music has come from him I am influenced by so many different things.
In this world of quick fame and instant gratification, you seem ‘old school’ in as much as you want to be a proper working, touring musician. It seems that you have been honing your craft for the past 3 years, and are now ready to release your new EP ‘A Few More Hours At YYZ’. Was it important for you to do it this way?
Totally. Records for me have always been a means to play live shows. I am ready and in a place to release a lot more music and get on the road to perform it live. 
Talking of the new EP, when can we expect it to be released in the UK?
It will be released on April 3rd in the UK and available on vinyl. I look forward to performing in London this coming April! 
Without Falling In Love and the previous release, It’s A Beautiful Life are very different. Does that mean that it will be a varied EP?
Absolutely.. these are the two ends of the spectrum on the YYZ EP. There will be more stripped down performances as well as heavier productions. 

How would you describe the EP, is there a theme or concept?
The EP is sonically very sporadic and I think the theme is just different music that has inspired me. From acoustic recordings and rock songs to more synthetic productions. 
You have toured as a supporting artist, notably with Parachute last year, what are you looking forward to with your own Headline Tour?
What I am looking forward to most is being able to play long sets, communicate with the audience, and improvise! 
The tour is of Northern America and then ends with four dates in Germany, have you got a large fan base in Germany?
Germany has been incredible to me. Last year was my first headline tour outside of North America and it was in Germany. Some of my favourite shows ever. 
Is there any chance of live dates in the UK in the near future?
I will be in London on April 30th! Playing at St Pancras Old Church. See You There!

You can find Billy’s Headline Tour details HERE



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