Christina Martin Returns With Always Reminding

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Sound/Vision

Christina Martin is back with Always Reminding, the brand new single from her forthcoming sixth studio album, Impossible To Hold.

“This is a song about love,” the Canadian singer-songwriter says of Always Reminding. “It’s about not knowing in my past, if I could love anyone, or be loved. It’s about having hope that I could love someone, and be loved, and a willingness to trust and move towards and stay with love.

“I am fortunate to have many reminders in my life, that I have loving friends and family, and that I have everything I need. Love is all around me. Love is inside me.”

The pop-tinged rock song, written by Martin and her producer Dale Murray, is accompanied by a video that draws inspiration from the gloss of the ‘80s.

“It is a kaleidoscopic dream world which at times seems to peel back its veneer and expose an unpolished and undeveloped sense of self awareness,” explains director Ryan Thompson.

Always Reminding, which follows recent single Lungs Are Burning, showcases Martin’s artistic development since 2016 LP It’ll Be Alright.

“There was little concern for following any style or trend in writing and recording these new songs,” she explains. “My commitment was to honour the direction the songs were leading me in. There were dark moments in the process, but I showed up each day to work, and hoped it would all come together.”

Of course it did all come together and Impossible To Hold will be released on 23rd March.


“I was inspired to become a performer by watching iconic performers like Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, and Tina Turner live, and music videos of The Pretenders, David Bowie, Annie Lennox,” says Martin of her inspiration.

“When I write, I can envision the music in larger venues, though I know that performing smaller venues is an important part of my journey and connecting with audiences.”

Christina Martin (Edyta Krzesak)

By Nils van der Linden

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