Declan McKenna Zeroes In On New Album With Beautiful Faces

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Sound/Vision

On Monday, British wunderkind, Declan McKenna,  2 1/2 years on from his debut album, announced via Instagram  the newest single from his upcoming record is called Beautiful Faces with a video release date set for  Wednesday 29th Jan 8pm GMT/ 3pm ET,  with a snippet of what viewers can only assume is from said video and a link to the video in his bio ready for when the video drops. 

Declan McKenna

Declan McKenna (Jeff Hahn)

Beautiful Faces will be the newest single released from Declan’s upcoming album Zeros, due for release May 15th. Less than 24 hours after the announcement the instagram clip has accrued well over 100,000 views, I think it’s fairly safe to say this young man’s latest material is eagerly anticipated by his fans. This wouldn’t be a Declan McKenna video without a very retro and, with the help of some CGI, a somewhat trippy vibe to it. Costarring in this video are McKennas’ 4 other band members, consisting of Isabel Torres (guitarist), Nathan Cox (bassist), William Bishop (keys) and Gabrielle Marie King (drummer).

Catch the video for Beautiful Faces below:

As with any Declan McKenna song you know it’s bound to be charged with socio-political viewpoints, whether it be addressing religious hypocrisy, as was done with the song Bethlehem, corruption (within FIFA) as with Brazil, or discrimination towards (young) people from the LGBTQ+ community as in Paracetamol, so you might well ask yourself which topic McKenna has chosen to grapple with on this occasion and you might be surprised to find out that this particular song is it not politically charged, unlike the most recent British Bombs, Beautiful Faces instead focuses on the discontent voice of the younger generation and more specifically the social demands on young people in this very intimidating modern world. This song is incredibly catchy, very upbeat and somewhat at odds with the subject matter – a style Declan seems to have mastered.

Declan McKenna (Simon Jay Price)

McKenna appears to have a knack for engaging people from the younger generation and is focused on growing social awareness, his songs possess depth, and are often both socially and politically charged , is there no limits to topics he won’t tackle? It is indeed great to see a young person use the platform he’s been given to address these topics & draw attention to them lamenting just how clever and quite creative he is, it’s not everyone who can pull off fun song after song with such deep social and political messages. He’s not afraid to be his own person at an age and time in society where a lot of social pressures are at odds with this stature yet he carries his own weight and carries on speaking on behalf of his generation.
Speaking about his upcoming album Zeros, Declan said: “I think this album is kind of a slightly different step compared to my last album; just a little bit more considered and a little bit of a step in a direction where I’m giving a bit more purpose to every part of the song as opposed to just kind of writing songs and then being like, ‘Oh okay, going to release an album now!’ Which is a bit like what the first album was for me, as I was still learning.”
UK Tour Dates:
10th Feb – Ramsgate Music Hall
11th Feb – Boileroom, Guildford
12th Feb – Islington Assembly Hall (Special Brits + War Child show)
24th May – This is Tomorrow 2020 – Newcastle Upon Tyne

By Bernadette O'Malley

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