Evening Hymns Release Heavy Nights Five Years After Last Album

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Rock/Media/News, Sound/Vision

Image Supplied by Caylie Runciman

Evening Hymns, the ever-evolving project of musician, composer and producer, Jonas Bonnetta will be releasing the long-awaited new album, Heavy Nights, out via Shuffling Feet Records on June 26, 2020. It has been five years since the last album , Quiet Energies, was released. That was an album that would find Jonas opening for the likes of Agnes Obel, Mount Eerie, Lou Doillon and Chris Cohen. In the time between records, Bonnetta has recorded a collaborative album with violinist, Edwin Huizinga (The Wooden Sky).

Three singles have so far been released from the album, the latest, Pyrenees, was released last week. and followed the release of I Can Only Be Good and My Drugs My Dreams.

Pyrenees, is a glistening standout from the album featuring Shabason’s brooding saxophone work was written between France and Spain whilst on tour. Thematically it captures the moments when Jonas began to move past heartbreak and transition in life, there are elements of catharsis and personal development in the essence that are emulated in the sonics of the track too, the pent up energy and tension before the incendiary ending.

“I woke up before the band on the last date of tour in one of my favourite places in the world,” says Jonas. “Sitting way up in a mountain villa on the border of France and Spain above the village of Sare. I played guitar to a beat I had programmed on my phone. I was feeling new life. Falling in love while on the road and thinking about all the what-ifs. It [the track] wasn’t something that I could take to anyone to help process, so it just lived inside my head for that tour. It felt like catharsis to have an outlet for this pent-up energy. All of the conflict just being obliterated by this new excitement for a big change.”

Recorded and self-produced at Port William Sound, Bonnetta’s rural studio in Eastern Ontario, Heavy Nights, features an array of guests including Joseph Shabason (Destroyer), José Contreras (By Divine Right), Bonnetta’s partner, Caylie Runciman (Boyhood) and Edwin Huizinga (The Wooden Sky).


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