Exclusive Video Premiere haha charade New Single Goodbye Juliet

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Rock/Media/News, Sound/Vision

Delaware Indie Rock band haha charade released their next single, Goodbye Julliet on August 30th and now RockShot have the exclusive premiere of the accompanying video.

Goodbye Julliet is a new take on the classic breakup song and is about a fling that was never destined to last. The type of energetic romance that is filled with misbehaviour in the name of potential love and good fun. The kind that seems undeniable because of the upfront attraction, only to unravel as personalities are revealed. It’s about any relationship where the other person’s beauty blinded, but now the veil has been lifted and you see clearly what it is.

All four members of haha charade grew up by the beach, so it is not surprising that the video is shot with them playing on it. Throughout the video ‘Juliet’ can be seen giving all of the band angst. You can tell the relationship is doomed not to last even before the discarding of belongings from a window as the band plays on.

It seems that this was quite a bit of acting and haha charade had a lot of fun making the video as they told RockShot Mag “The model in the video, Kelly, she is the biggest sweetheart in real life. She had to act mean, and then we’d all start laughing in between takes. The whole shoot was done at Long Beach Island, NJ at the guitarist Justin’s family beach house.”

“Goodbye Juliet” was written from the perspective of the breaking point of a toxic relationship which began out of pure lust. The music video tried to catch that toxicity and intensity. The director is our friend, rapper Oh Hi Ali. His film company is Boxhead. After the shoot, we all hung at the beach for the weekend.”

The song got its Tequila-induced start during a jam session following a Cinco de Mayo party. The band recorded a demo of it a day later. A year afterwards, they took it to Occupy Studio to get it professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered.

haha charade began from humble beginnings, playing in basements, living rooms, and garages. Due to the band’s growing cult following haha charade held their debut show in the Philadelphia area during the last summer.

haha charade’s ability to merge genres and coin their unique style is attributed to a collaborative artistic approach to everything from songwriting to artwork and performance.

haha charade consists of vocalists and guitarists – Alex Wade and Justin Lefler, bassist – Matt Bowe and drummer – Brendan McBride. With three main songwriters in the group, each writer brings their own independent influences from Punk, Garage Rock, Folk Rock, and Hip Hop, which merges together to create the haha charade sound.

Their musical style is influenced by a multitude of bands including The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rebelution, with a mix of cheeky and political lyrics influenced by bands such as Arctic Monkeys and State Radio.  This creates the noteworthy, psychedelic, surfy vibe that can be found on their 2019 debut EP, We are The Wolves.

Look out for haha charade’s debut album which is scheduled for release early in 2020.

For those in the USA, you can catch haha charade live at Rockwood Music Hall,New York City, NY, on 6th October 2019 11:00pm (Free Entry)


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