Interview: Strange Bones Surviving The Apocalypse

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Post Apocalyptic Punks, Strange Bones, recently released their Blitz Part 2 Ep, which was more experimental than Blitz Part 1. Anyone who has seen them live will tell you about the raw energy that they exude on stage. The images below were taken by Paul Lyme when we saw them live last summer, which began and ended in carnage!

We had a chat with Bobby Bentham, the enigmatic, whirling dervish frontman of the band, prior to the release of their latest EP and new single, Ten Guns to discuss their style and plans for 2020, assuming that we ‘survive the apocalypse’.

Your sound seems to be in a constant state of evolution. Guitar driven Punk, and then mixing Electronica. Is there such a thing as a Strange Bones sound?

Although the sound is constantly evolving. I like to think there is an underlying sonic signature that glues the project together.

How do you approach the writing and recording process, is it organic or do you find it a chore?

The writing and recording process are very much the same thing for me, I pretty much write and record at the same time, no chore, I love it. The whole process excites me, I love doing weird shit and experimenting with whatever I can get my hands on.

You seem to write about things that make you angry, given the state of the world and the direction of politics, do you think there is a raft of material now?

Everything makes people angry sooner or later, even the things we love, political or not, there will never be a shortage of subject matter.

Strange Bones releases seem intentionally frenzied and unpolished, is it important for you to convey the energy of your live shows through your releases?

Yeah, I guess so, I like things to sound raucous and damaged.

Underdogs features guest vocals from Jess Allanic of Calva Louise, can you see yourselves doing more collaborations?

Definitely, we’ve made a bunch of songs together, we all live in the same house!

If you could collaborate with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Liam Howlett!

Blitz Part 2 has just been released, so would you say there a specific theme to it?

Blitz was about deconstructing my own, and other people’s preconceptions of what Strange Bones is. What it’s turned into now, I don’t know anymore, maybe it worked?

After releasing several EPs, are there any plans to release an LP, or do you like regularly releasing snippets of chaos?

There is definitely going to be an album, I feel subconsciously I’ve been waiting for the right moment in time, not just a good environment for us in terms of where we are as a band, but also how I want the debut to sound.

Strange Bones have so far spent much of 2020 on the road, do you intend to continue this throughout the year, once the lock down has been lifted?

All shows have just been postponed, we are working at the moment to try and lock in some rescheduled dates. It’s a shame, dark times.

I have seen Strange Bones live and it was ferocious, feral and bloody exhilarating. How would you describe one of your shows to the uninitiated?

Pure bedlam, but if you aren’t having fun then neither am I

When I saw you, at Wilkestock last year, it was a tiny stage and a small furnace of a tent, do you like the dark dingy pressure cooker environments?

Yeah for sure, these shows are great, it’s easier to feel the intensity of a space when you are playing in a dungeon, but big stages have more room for darting about the place, not as much falling over drum kits and knocking amps over

You were hurling yourself into the crowd, and climbing whatever you could, damage have you done to yourself previously?

I pulled a muscle in my back at a show which put me out for a month, bust my face open a bunch of times, generally come out of shows black and blue but nothing major.

Do you pay your stage crew danger money, and overtime for keeping the pedals in the right place?

Haha no! They love it!

When you look back at 2020, what do you want to be able to say you achieved?

Finished an album, survived the apocalypse…..

Interview with Strange Bones by Tony Creek, April 2020, Live Photography by Paul Lyme.

By Tony Creek

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