Kitten Pyramid Make It Spicy With Jalapeños

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Sound/Vision

Critically acclaimed Burton-On-Trent band Kitten Pyramid have announced details of their upcoming third studio record KIDDO, which drops on 9 December via FlipFlop Records. KIDDO promises to be another exhilarating collection of pop-infused BritProg driven by a cause deeply personal and important to Scott Milligan, the band’s founder and creative dynamo: vegetarianism.

Kitten Pyramid

Kitten Pyramid
Kitten Pyramid

While KIDDO brims with hooky melodies, contrasting tempos and a brightness reflective of Milligan’s genial personality, the lyrical focus is a darker, more poignant look at the subject of eating meat and its environmental impact.

The record is the culmination of a trilogy of albums for Milligan, and the short KIDDO film – Milligan’s first, a fiction short, produced by Static Flow Productions – is a natural extension of Milligan’s art.

Kitten Pyramid

Kitten Pyramid
Kitten Pyramid

“I always wanted to make three albums and then cut my teeth in filmmaking,” Milligan says. “The debut album Uh-Oh! (2015) was an intentionally eclectic bag of songs to hopefully not restrict our direction moving forward. Once that went down well I focused on the craft of songwriting using a traditional palette before I headed down the more abstract route to complete the trilogy. Since the beginning, I always made my own videos, and honed this further with the KOOZY!! album promo clips in 2020.

Check out the Vegetarian Society-supported video for latest KIDDO cut Jalapeños below:

KIDDO is the most accurate showcase of what I wanted Kitten Pyramid to sound like, especially with songs such as Gobble Gobble. WHALE is the gateway song to KIDDO. This was a single intended for Uh-Oh! but it didn’t get an opportunity to say hello to that record the first time around, but it has since become a popular live favourite so [producer and bandmate] Nick [Brine] remixed it adding the World’s Fastest Clapper and incredible fiddler player Eli Bishop. Adding this to KIDDO feels like the circle is complete. The fact that the song is about a livestock farmer’s daughter who gets invited by aliens to escape an imploding world is a happy, or not so happy, coincidence…”

Kitten Pyramid

Kitten Pyramid
Kitten Pyramid

Milligan explains the impetus to make this record: “I drove past an abattoir truck just before Christmas 2021, and imagined what it would be like if I was crammed in there with my family, confused, terrified and afraid for our lives. It cascaded into an idea for a short film and subject to underpin the songs I had been writing for album three. I’ve spent the last year researching the subject and interviewing experts from both sides of the debate for my YouTube channel and series Veggie Nuggets. I wanted to be able to discuss the subject with a better understanding, because it’s still very controversial and I’m delighted that the Vegetarian Society have given me their full support”.

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