Led Zeppelin Launches 50th Anniversary Playlist Generator

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In January 1969, Led Zeppelin was unleashed on the world with the release of their trailblazing debut album. Just 10 months later, in October 1969, the band’s equally groundbreaking follow-up album Led Zeppelin II was released. 50 years later, Led Zeppelin remains one of the most important bands in music history whose songs continue to be discovered and embraced by each new generation.

To kick off the celebration of the band’s historic golden anniversary, a new career-spanning digital album Led Zeppelin x Led Zeppelin was released recently on all digital download and streaming platforms. The band has now kicked off a new playlist program that will allow fans and fellow artists to assemble their own, personalized Led Zeppelin playlists using the Led Zeppelin Playlist Generator.


Via the generator, fans can build a playlist using any track from the Led Zeppelin catalog, including all their studio and live albums plus the deluxe editions released over the last few years. Once complete, the Led Zeppelin Playlist Generator will then create custom, personalized cover art to accompany the playlist and allow fans to share via social media. Fans can also use the program to generate their own personalized social media profile picture of their name in the famous Led Zeppelin font. Visit the playlist creator right here.

I will definitely be compiling my own playlist which will be dominated with tracks from Led Zeppelin IV, including the exquisite When The Levee Breaks, which in my view is one of the best closing song on any album, also up there has to be the live version of Kashmir from Celebration Day which was released in 2012. Celebration Day was recorded at the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert on 10 December 2007, in London’s O2 Arena


The beauty of this highly influential band is that no two fans will have the same playlist, such is their diversity. If you get ten Led Zeppelin fans together and ask them to rank their Led Zep top ten, I bet you will get ten different answers.

The program has launched with playlists curated by Jack White, Maná, and Royal Blood, all of which cite Led Zeppelin as critical influences on their music, and will continue with playlists from other artists throughout the year.

LED ZEPPELIN x JACK WHITE features 10 tracks encompassing many stages of the band’s career from their debut album How Many More Times and early BBC Sessions Traveling Riverside Blues, all the way through to Two Ones Are Won and St. Tristan’s Sword, which were unearthed rare tracks released for the first time during the band’s recent reissue series. “They are an immovable force in music,” says White. “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like them.”

LED ZEPPELIN x MANÁ includes 16 songs selected by drummer Alex “El Animal” González, singer Fher Olivera, and guitarist Sergio Vallin. The list is a tour de force of classic tracks that plays like a Led Zeppelin greatest hits collection including Kashmir, Rock And Roll, Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love, Ramble On, and Communication Breakdown. “Led Zeppelin is a band that was so innovative in its sound, composition, and live concerts, that it continues and will continue to inspire many musicians and many groups,” says González. “Undoubtedly one of the best bands in the history of rock.”

LED ZEPPELIN x ROYAL BLOOD spotlights seven songs selected by band members Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher including some of the band’s biggest hits such as Immigrant Song and Good Times Bad Times along with some beloved album tracks such as In The Light from Physical Graffiti. “Led Zeppelin’s magic has always been about the chemistry that existed between the four members,” says Kerr. “Nearly 50 years on and the quality of the songs, the guts and the swag on these recordings, is untouched.”

Led Zeppelin x Jack White

  1. “The Rover”
  2. “How Many More Times”
  3. “Two Ones Are Won” (Achilles Last Stand) (Reference Mix)
  4. “Since I’ve Been Loving You”
  5. “The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair” (BBC Sessions)
  6. “The Lemon Song”
  7. “St. Tristan’s Sword” (Rough Mix)
  8. “Traveling Riverside Blues” (BBC Sessions)
  9. “Moby Dick”
  10. “Out On The Tiles”

Led Zeppelin x Maná

  1. “Kashmir”
  2. “Immigrant Song”
  3. “The Ocean”
  4. “Rock And Roll”
  5. “Dancing Days”
  6. “Black Dog”
  7. “Fool In The Rain”
  8. “Whole Lotta Love”
  9. “Communication Breakdown”
  10. “All My Love”
  11. “Heartbreaker”
  12. “Over The Hills And Far Away”
  13. “Ramble On”
  14. “D’yer Mak’er”
  15. “What Is And What Should Never Be”
  16. “Since I’ve Been Loving You”

Led Zeppelin x Royal Blood

  1. “I Can’t Quit You Baby” (BBC Sessions)
  2. “Dazed And Confused” (BBC Sessions)
  3.  “Immigrant Song”
  4. “In My Time Of Dying”
  5. “Good Times Bad Times”
  6. “In The Light”
  7. “When The Levee Breaks”

You can create your own playlist by going here to the playlist generator Led Zeppelin Playlist Generator

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