Mary Middlefield Shares Her Poetry

Swiss folk-pop artist Mary Middlefield has dropped her stunningly lush debut eight-track EP Poetry (For The Scorned and Lonely) alongside brand new single and live video Poetry.

Mary Middlefield

Mary Middlefield (Laurin Bleiker)
Mary Middlefield (Laurin Bleiker)

Of the release, Mary says: “The EP is a collection of songs I wrote when we were on the verge of finishing and putting out my first album. I was itching to dive into something new. I wanted these songs to be edgier, more honest, and raw—especially when it came to addressing tough topics like abuse and grooming, which I hadn’t really explored in my previous record. I was going through a lot of loneliness and sadness then, but it was a different kind than what I was used to. I hope these tracks resonate with anyone else out there battling with those dark feelings of loneliness and sorrow.”

Poetry (For The Scorned and Lonely) is a purging of emotion, one that’s allowing Mary Middlefield to move forward with a clear mind and a clean palette. But for now, this is music for the people who are stuck, scorned and lonely. Mary invites you to suffer and yearn and scream alongside her. A lush eight tracks, the EP features previous singles Sexless, Atlantis, Heart’s Desire and Young And Dumb, alongside the beautifully delicate Last Letter (Acoustic), the interlude of Allodynia, achingly enchanting Love Me Love Me Not and dreamy title track Poetry.

Listen to Poetry below:

In Lausanne, Switzerland, wildflower-trails blaze with ultraviolet colour, mountains of myth surround a lake of sapphire. It’s a beauty so intense that it pacifies itself, turns still, and silent. Musician Mary Middlefield – who, for all her life, has called Lausanne home—splits the landscape apart, turning it into a wild scream. Her music is like a howl in the beautiful wilderness.

A former student of classical violin, the 22 year-old now wields high drama, desire, and vulnerability as keys to making meaning in a complicated universe, where love and abuse coincide. Her roomy, stream-of-consciousness songs veer between a keening pop-punk fuelled intensity and a lovely folk-inspired softness, inspired by the likes of Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley, as well as more recent artists like Claud, Jockstrap and The Japanese House.

Mary Middlefield

Mary Middlefield (Laurin Bleiker)
Mary Middlefield (Laurin Bleiker)

Her story as a singer-songwriter began three years ago with a broken heart and a bruised ego. “He dumped me in the middle of the day while I was carrying his groceries,” she says. With nothing to lose, she figured it was the perfect time to experiment. She picked up the guitar, and taught herself chords and riffs from Radiohead’s songbook. “I hope I’ll get their discography down to a T one day,” she says. From there, piece by piece and note by note, she began stitching herself back together, turning her pain into something generative, fortifying. Through song, she began to reclaim everything she’d lost in that relationship and its subsequent dissolution.

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