Nathaniel Rateliff Goes It Alone And He’s Still Alight

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Rock/Show, Sound/Vision

Nathaniel Rateliff, the Denver based singer/songwriter, has taken a break from his Night Sweats band to release a somewhat somber and much toned down album titled, And It’s Still Alright.

Nathaniel Rateliff (Danny Clinch)

Nathaniel Rateliff (Danny Clinch)

This album, due for release February 14th on Stax Records, deals with some lamenting times in Rateliff’s recent past, a reflection, initially in part, of the pain he experienced following his divorce and largely as an ode to his collaborator, friend and confidant Richard Swift, who passed away in 2018 from drink related issues.

The video to title track And It’s Still Alright has just been released with the opening shot showing the lone monochromatic Nathaniel, better kempt than you might well be used to:

A very solemn track from the outset, the visual shots repeatedly return to a table full of curio with, what seems like, a special focus on a framed picture of what could well be described as the Al-Anon Family Groups symbol – a group who help families and people who are concerned about someone with a drinking problem, an undeniable nod to not just his friend Swift but to his self-confessed own struggles with sobriety.

USA band Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats (Simon Jay Price)

With lyrics like, “They say you learn a lot out there, how to scorch and burn, Gonna have to bury your friends and then you’ll find it get worse” you really get that air of sadness and loss and while fans of his work with the Night Sweats may be taken aback by this – his quieter and more sombre work, with it’s completely different energy they need not worry, this is not the end for Nathaniel’s work with the Night Sweats – Nathaniel’s contract with Concord stipulates both for band and solo albums and the solo album had been planned in advance of Swift’s death, it just took a different turn as a result of it.

Catch Nathaniel Rateliff’s solo tour, when it comes to the UK this April, where he will be playing the following dates:

UK Tour Dates:

April 26thGlasgow Royal Concert Hall

April 27th – Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

April 28th – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

April 29th – Royal Albert Hall, London

May 4th – Forum, Bath

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