National Album Day: Let It Bleed by Rolling Stones

by | Oct 13, 2018 | National Album Day 2018

The one album that I could not live without is Let It Bleed by Rolling Stones. When I first became interested in music Glam Rock was at it’s height. I was surrounded by Ballroom Blitz-es and New York Groove’s. I was being urged to Bang A Gong and even try a Glass Of Champagne. Not good advice for a pre teen.

Having been brought up on The Stones (my Dad loved the band and had all their early albums) I bought a copy of Let it Bleed, and from that day I understood that music did not need to be fluffy, but was actually better raw and real.

It has been said that, that album signalled the death of the swinging sixties. It is an ugly, dark album with some of The Stones best work on it.

Even the Boston Strangler features on Midnight Rambler. The riffs are dirty and menacing and the lyrics are spat out in places. I didn’t realise it then but albums where the artists are going through bad times are usually classics. The death of Brian Jones, Altamont and Jagger’s ultimate betrayal of Richards, all cloak the folklore of the album.

It was perfect preparation for the Punk explosion that was just around the corner, and led me away from bubblegum pop. Who knows, if I had not heard it then I might have ended up being very excited about the Steps reunion. If I owned one album only it would be Let It Bleed

Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones, 1969.  Chosen by writer Tony Creek.

By Tony Creek

Tony has had a passion for music of all genres since an early introduction to the Rolling Stones and Rock in the 70's. He also loves to write and discover new music, so reviewing and publishing features is his idea of heaven. Unfortunately work and his wife's love of R n B has a habit of getting in the way!

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