National Album Day: Low Slung Town by Beef

by | Oct 13, 2018 | National Album Day 2018

I have never met another person who owns this album, which is a terrible shame because it is one of the few albums from 1990 I still play from start to finish without cherry picking tracks.
Beef, (not to be confused with a different band with the same name who started in 1999) were a sensational live band.  Watch the music video for album track Lazen Hags and you will see.   Who was the lead singer? Whatever became of Beef?
Am I the only person who bought this album?
Low Slung Town by Beef, 1991. Chosen by writer and journalist Sarah Sievers

By Sarah Sievers

Sarah is an American transplant in London, a screen and comedy writer and occasional producer. She was first introduced to the joy of music when her Grandma bought her a copy of Combat Rock by The Clash. Sarah has wildly eclectic taste but a special interest in alt rock and alt country.

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