London-based Americana five piece No Coward Soul celebrate the release of their debut album The Almanac, on CD and limited edition vinyl, with an album launch show recently at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

This is the premiere of their great song urban country Death N’ Texas and we asked the band about the video they made to go along with it.

“In the spirit of The Beatles iconic rooftop concert and inspired by seeing James Taylor still nailing it with Up On The Roof at the Hyde Park gig we thought what better place to shoot a video to accompany Death N’ Texas – so we got up on the roof at a secret London location.”

“Its the track getting most pick up and play from our debut album. We wanted to have a bit of fun and create something for people to watch online that represents the playful nature within the song. Its got a real feel-good chorus and we just felt being super serious would be a bit difficult and probably not quite right. That said, Brad’s vocal performance is at the centre of it so we wanted a simple shot of him throughout delivering his clever lyrics and phrases.”

Brad Schmauss who wrote the song told us “Death N’ Texas is in some ways typical of how I write, I wanted to make the most overtly joyous track but have lyrical friction fir those listening closely. You hear a lot of folks promising healing and rescue, cosmic romance, for me there’s nothing bigger than holding on to someone ‘shivering and shaking’ your particular devil out- dance is all, and when your free out there, feeling it with someone, you know that it’s beautiful and doesn’t need any promises for tomorrow”

Originally from Alaska, singer Brad Schmauss is a London based artist who’s long time musical partnership with Martin Gray (Piano, guitars, vocals) culminated in the fantastic live band No Coward Soul. Gigging across the UK in recent years, the band has grown from a vocal harmony acoustic set up and now includes a sensational rhythm section featuring the Clement-Smith brothers and glock and mouth organ from Sarah ‘Egg’ Phillips.

The songs on The Almanac reflect the last three years of the band’s work together.

The album contains 13 tracks all written by Brad Schmauss; inspired by both urban folk tales of the vibrant streets of South London and a childhood among the epic landscapes and beauty of the Alaskan woods.

Produced by Jamie Evans (Wildwood Kin) andmastered by Grammy Award winner Robin Schmidt, The Almanac is Americana at it’s best, full of classic country flavours and a heavy slice of soul, alongside the bands impressive trademark harmonies.


Lighthouse // Fireflies // Bullet // Holy Toledo // Nighthawks // Death N’ Texas //The Almanac // Braves // Belly Of The Whale // Orpheus // L’il Mikey Mountain// 6 5 4 // Gotta Believe

The Almanac is available digitally now / and on CD & vinyl on 13th July 

Photography by Helen Lovell