OK Go Share Poignant Video For All Together Now With Proceeds Going To Partners In Health

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Rock/Media/News, Sound/Vision

Image By Makoto Kobota

US band OK Go, known for their elaborate one-take videos and massive songs like Here It Goes Again and Get Over It, have released an excellent new track, All Together Now, as a response to Covid-19 and with it a campaign to raise money for health care workers. This is something that we can all relate to and the fact that it is raising money for the front line heroes means that this is something that RockShot are right behind.

Lead singer and guitarist Damian Kulash and his wife caught the coronavirus early on and went through a frightening experience but have now thankfully fully recovered. You can read their full story in a letter from Damian HERE

Damian sent the following note “I’m the singer and video director in OK Go. We’re ‘that video band’. This morning we released a new song and video we wrote and recorded in our homes over the last few days, inspired by our neighborhood’s nightly cheer for the frontline workers and Rebecca Solnit’s piece in The Guardian. It’s our somber prayer for hope. I wrote a letter about how my family caught the coronavirus, how scary my wife’s recovery was, and how this song came to be. But it’s too long to send as a blast, or at least I know that if I got something like it from ‘that dude in the video band,’ I wouldn’t read it.”

“A press release seems inappropriate, too. This isn’t the clever new video we’ve been working on for months or the lead single from our new album; there’s no campaign. It’s an earnest, personal song about the moment we’re all sharing, and a homemade video of us recording it in our closets and kitchens. So instead, I’m sending this note: I hope you’ll check out the song, and perhaps read the letter. Profits from downloads at our website will be donated to Partners in Health, an organization that brings healthcare to people who can’t afford or access it.”

Inspired by his neighbourhood raising a cheer for frontline workers every evening, similar to the ‘Clap for the NHS’ in the UK, Damian and the band, working separately in their homes, wrote and recorded the very beautiful, All Together Now and are giving donations to Partners In Health via the band’s website where fans will receive a bundle of goodies including the mp3 of the single and awesome print-out colouring pages of scenes from the band’s videos.

We hope that you will check out the video and will donate to this very good cause. The bundle of goodies includes pages to colour, which is very good for well being.




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