Potty Mouth the all-female punk rock band that formed in 2011 at Smith College, Massachusetts have released  released a new single along with an adorable video to melt the hearts of animal lovers, Starry Eyes. This is the second single from Potty Mouth’s forthcoming second album SNAFU. Potty Mouth are Abby Weems (vocals/guitar), Ally Einbinder (bass), and Victoria Mandanas (drums).

The single puts a softer twist on the band’s punk-rock edge, for a sardonic, anti-love song. Full of catchy riffs, Abby Weems vocal is crystal clear in this slice of pop punk.

SNAFU will be released March 1, 2019 via Get Better Records – a DIY label run by Potty Mouth bassist Ally Einbinder and her partner Alex Licktenhour “that is for the queers. No sexist, no racist, no transphobic, no homophobic, no apologist bullshit tolerated.”

“It’s about a pattern I have in romantic relationships,” Abby Weems shared about the song. “I feel like I never let myself fall super in love because there’s always a little voice in my head saying ‘whats the point?’ I’m still so young and have so much I want to do, it doesn’t feel realistic to be fully committed to another person. Obviously I can’t stop myself from getting crushes and dating people, but the cynical side of me is always prepared for whatever life throws at me.”

SNAFU arrives after the trio’s 2015 self-titled EP and serves as a rallying cry for creative freedom! The album was inspired by the band not comprising to the traditional standards of the music industry. A limited-edition blue vinyl of the album will be for sale on Bandcamp (UK/EU) and the Potty Mouth webstore (US) with a bonus comic book, titled Potty Mouth: Situation Normal All Fucked Up that was written by Abby Weems.