Premiere: Badminton Pinelight

This trio from Leeds has been writing together since 2015, releasing their first couple of tracks in 2016 under the name of Friends of Friends.  These tracks were picked up by BBC Introducing East Midlands and they started playing some shows around the North, quickly making a name for themselves in a very short amount of time and catching the attention of radio, press, labels and promoters a like.

So much so, a small US label of the same name got wind of the band and a legal battle ensued.  Out of the ashes, Badminton was born. Lead track, Pinelight is the first track to be taken off the new five song EP, marvellously entitled Try Getting A Reservation At Dorsia Now, the first official release as Badminton.

They consider their music ‘sad alt rock’ (think The Black Foxxes, Death Cab For Cutie) but I guarantee once you hear them and see them live, you will have nothing but a smile on your face.  They tick all the boxes, emotionally and sonically.

Dan Ashley who directed the video told us ‘The producer of the band showed me their EP and I instantly fell in love with the song Pinelight and I really wanted to create a film which was like… Imagine Thelma and Louise meets Bonnie and Clyde but with a Netflix feel. And the title and the lyrics of the track gave me this image in my head of what I wanted to do so I got in touch with the band.’

The whole EP was written in a very short space of time, thus it’s tracks are connected to very specific feelings, making it feel like a short story or film as they are all intertwined.  The EP was then recorded sequentially in one straight week to help keep this important dynamic.  

One line in ‘Pinelight‘, “I don’t miss it…” summarises the EP, says singer/guitarist Robbie Tooth, but in a reminiscent and reflective way, about memories that often get buried like old haunts.

Don’t think of this EP as 5 downcast tracks, it’s a story of hope, going through experiences, learning life’s lessons and what it means to be alive.

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