Premiere: Jess McAvoy Debuts Do What You Want On Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Sound/Vision

It’s Valentine’s Day and singer-songwriter Jess McAvoy is premiering her new video Do What You Want here on RockShot Mag.

Fittingly, the song is about having a relationship with someone else, based on the enjoyment of their company rather than societal pressures to treat dating as a serious matter.

So what about the day of the year when that pressure reaches fever pitch: Valentine’s?

“I think it’s nice to be reminded to pause and celebrate your lover, but I do my best to be present in every day, and honestly, I feel a deep love for my life and those I am connected to most days. I’m extremely fortunate in that way,” Jess tells us.

Her outlook is “very much towards the idea that good things happen when we all feel good. So, from a law of attraction standpoint, it’s important to move towards the things that make us all feel the most like ourselves, even if it’s not meant to last forever”.

With the song itself based on personal experience, it was important for Jess that the accompanying video be close to her heart as well.

The Australian-born, Brooklyn-based musician explains: “I feel so fortunate to be able to showcase things about New York that I love – and the subways are a big part of that.

“You really get a sense of the spirit of the down there, in its most raw, honest form. I think this video catches some of that vibe.”

By Nils van der Linden

For a laugh, Nils van der Linden started writing about music in 1997. He forgot to stop.

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