Premiere: KOMRAUS Debut Cinematic New Song, Gas

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Sound/Vision

KOMRAUS, the London-based electronic group, are revealing a brand new song.

Gas, from their forthcoming debut album Untie The Ropes, debuts on RockShot Mag today.

Built around a slow groove and metronomic trip-hop beat, the song is the perfect showcase for Sara Rioja’s rich vocal, reflecting on what it is to be human with lines like “I don’t want time to think, my life is what I dream”.

Gas is kind of satire – a song about us, modern human beings, addicted to the urban life, living like automatons in the need of gas (breathing gas) to keep us alive,” Rioja tells RockShot Mag exclusively.

The singer shares songwriting and composing credit in KOMRAUS with Martin Komraus. The pair are joined by drummer Giuseppe Grondona and Miguel Ramires on keys and synths.

The group say Untie The Ropes,  released on 15th February, “represents a breaking free of our own boundaries; a dare to do, a dare to say and a dare to love album”.

They add: “It is inspired in the different scenes and situations we all live throughout our life performing all the roles our life is about, like if it was a theatre play. Each song talks about different optics of human relationships as well as personal growth and some social and political matters.

“One song is written from the perspective of a free person, with no ties or social limits; another one is from the one who is dependant to someone who loves; another one from the one who is addicted to the modern life and lives like a machine, another one from a mother who sees his child grow and wishes him/her to be free and fly.

“They are all part of an imaginary and personal world that we all live: always real, always true. We recorded all songs in one take, so we could transmit to the listener a bit of what we give when we perform live.”

Last year the group took that live show across Europe and, on 23rd February, will be playing a live album release show at The Underbelly in Hoxton.

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By Nils van der Linden

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