Skinny Lister are back and for all you Skinny fans who have been missing them, they plan to kick of 2019 in their own enigmatic style

If Skinny Lister’s intriguingly titled new album sounds like something of pick’n’mix of assorted tales ready to share with you, well that’s because it is. A loosely-based concept album, The Story Is… anthologises a series of personal vignettes inspired by a chaotic few years for the band and binds them into 14 tracks of unmistakably Skinny-sounding rock’n’roll.

To get us in the mood Skinny Lister have released a new single from the album. Inspired by the sounding of a false alarm for a ballistic missile attack in Hawaii earlier this year, Skinny’s intense new track, 38 Minutes, is now accompanied with a suitably heated video that sees the band on full red-alert mode and playing like their lives depend on it

The video was made in collaboration with The Film Smith, who has produced memorable videos for the likes of DJ Yoda, Norman Jay MBE, Cuban Brothers and others, also working with Skinny on their previous videos including Plough & Orion, Trouble On Oxford St. and more.


Gather-in close and lend your ears as Skinny Lister rifle through The Story Is… and pull out: scorched stories of aggravated arsonists Artist Arsonist, rib-tickling tales of regretful re-fuellings Diesel Vehicle, and even polemic pleas inspired by some of life’s hardest lessons Stop & Breathe.

From tales inspired by the minutiae of our day-to-day lives to paranoid ruminations of impending apocalypse, The Story Is…, sees Skinny Lister deliver their most lyrically and conceptually complex offering to date. Coupled with a veritable sonic smorgasbord of new sounds and songcraft, there are plenty of tell-tale signs that ring true of a band on stimulated form and at the top of their game. From the new wave nuances of The Jam’s classic output Cause for Chorus to vintage ska-janglings Second Amendment, not to mention lashings of the band’s trademarkedly barnstorming folk-punk too Rattle & Roar and Sometimes So It Goes, the sextet’s latest release not only sees them expand their horizons but arguably finds them in the most potent pop form of their career.

The album has been produced and mixed by the highly capable Barny Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, The Enemy, The Temper Trap). In support of the album release, Skinny Lister will also be touring The Story Is… with a series of their tenacious live shows across the UK and Europe in 2019.

Don’t miss your chance to become part of their latest adventures as the band embark on a two-leg UK tour, plus fix dates in Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Holland and Belgium throughout the Spring.

Since 2009, Skinny Lister, have never done things by half measures. Passing the growing flagon of their experiences with every album and tour, they’ve led an endless parade gathering fans old and new, from the respected folk circuit to the riotous Download Festival, igniting pogoing mosh-pits at each. Over the past ten years they’ve travelled from rain-soaked London to the vast arteries of the USA, upgrading from narrow boat to Salty Dog Cruise, played huge tours across Europe and North America with Frank Turner, Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly as well as headlining themselves across festivals, sweatboxes and ever-larger venues

With three previous albums under their belt, Forge & Flagon, Down on Deptford Broadway and The Devil, the Heart & the Fight, the band have explored a lexicon of tastes through a whirlwind of adventures across the globe. And in 2019, Skinny Lister will open an all new chapter as they release their fourth studio LP

The Story is… is released via Xtra Mile Recordings on 1st March 2019.

Tour details are below