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A Place of Our Own are now well-established in the punk scene in Tottenham. We remember their first fundraising festival in August 2019 that helped raise money for a potential new punk venue in North London (click here for our review). They will be back this Saturday 15th of February with a special event! Teaming up with Pride Punx, the collective organised a Valentine’s Day “Speed Dating” night… With a twist…

Rather than your usual dating session, this punk-fueled night of love and naughtiness is non-gender or sexual orientation specific. Instead punters will stand or sit in front of another human being and speak about anything that springs to their mind for 2 solid minutes to a soundtrack of weird and wonderful noise, and then move on to the next!

Hosting this glorious mess will be none other than the sumptuous diva Miss HerNia who will be sure to keep things moving as slipperily as possible, with the possibility of her also tickling your fancy as she administers blood curdling screams into each of the ear holes of the willing participant.

Happening in Room 2 at Grow Tottenham, participants will have the opportunity to take their new found love interests next door to enjoy a punk show featuring such devilish bands as Poisonous CXNT, Brazen Hussy and Tropical NightmareThe event is £10 entry, covering entry to both the gig and the change to find love in the Pride Punx Anarcho Speed Dating. All proceeds are going towards setting up a grassroots co-operatively run alternative music venue in North London.

Why this idea? Tali Clarke, the organiser for Pride Punx, says “Everyone has their own version of what meaningful connections are, and in whatever form that comes in, we all deserve to find our piece of it. Pride Punx aims to create vibrant spaces where people are encouraged to explore, accept and celebrate the diversity of love…”.

Keith T., one of the organisers of A Place of Our Own says “It’s great to be able to team up with the Pride Punx crew and organise something a little different than the usual Valentine’s Day drivel. We want to create a space in North London where people of all sexual and gender identities can come and enjoy the thriving underground music scene without fear of harassment of abuse, a place to let your hair down, meet new people and immerse yourself in London’s vibrant alternative scene.

Still looking for plans this week-end? Why not smash capitalism with the Tottenham punks? Doors are at 5pm with bands running through the night, the speed dating will take place intermittently from 7pm to 9pm. Come and get stuck in!

Click here for the event details!



By Pauline

Pauline is a London-based music photographer from Brussels. Brought up in the punk rock scene, she's most likely to be found in dark and sweaty clubs.

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