Video Premiere: Dark Tides Release Mesmerising Video For Runaway

by | May 7, 2020 | Sound/Vision

Dark Tides are releasing their first single, Runaway, on 8th May. The single is taken from their forthcoming EP, Venerate, which is set for release this Summer. We are very pleased to present the video premiere, from the East London alternative 4-piece, comprising Dan Butcher (Vocals), Scott Ruane (Guitar), Ian Flood (Bass) and Owain Evans (Drums)

Don’t let the moodiness and darkness of the melody fool you, the track is a song for lovers.  As lead singer Dan Butcher says, Runaway is a song for lovers longing to escape from conformity and the trappings of societal expectation.”

Driven by the hypnotic rhythm and haunting vocals, the track takes you on the journey of the narrator, begging to be left to the lovers own devices and do things their way. The single is sonically rich and very impressive as a first release.

Dark Tides told RockShot “The song is about preserving something beautiful and unique, even at the cost of leaving everything behind. The dandelion and it’s transition from bloom to scattering in the wind felt like the perfect visual representation of these themes. By manipulating and layering time lapse footage remotely whilst in lockdown we were able to let the song breath visually.”

The official music video was developed by the band remotely during the current lockdown. It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and the video is mesmerising,  Following from the track’s sentiments, they chose the dandelion concept as it evokes making a wish that is then scattered to the wind.

Resembling the sun, moon and stars during certain parts of its life cycle; the band love that the dandelion seeds can travel five miles before they finally reach their place of rest. In a natural kaleidoscope the central plant throbs with the song, and the time lapsed video has been produced just as cleverly as the music.

The forthcoming EP, Venerate, is a collection of five melody-driven contemplations on the pleasures and terrors of life.  As an added aural delight, the band are offering a free download from the EP, Waiting Room as another sneak preview of what is to come and if you like Runaway then you will not be disappointed by Dark Tides gift.

As with all bands at the moment plans for live shows have been disrupted but they will return so make sure to follow Dark Tides for up-to-date information.You can do that on Instagram or Facebook

By Tony Creek

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