Video Premiere: The Statue Thieves – 37th Floor

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Sound/Vision

London-based band The Statue Thieves premiere their new video for the song 37th Floor here on Rockshot Magazine. The video was shot during their performance at Phe Festival in Tenerife last summer is directed by Alfredo Buonanno and produced by Ritmo Cabrio Studio.


Guitarist Ivan Muela told us: “It felt like a special moment because of the magnitude of the festival and the warmth of the crowd, but also because of the beauty of the setting. We were performing our music right by the seaside and behind our back stood Mount Teide, a magnificent volcano that also happens to be the highest point in Spain. We couldn’t help feeling like in a dream and were fascinated by how the juxtaposition of these natural elements around us symbolised the ideas that we had been treating in our album Laniakea”.

The Statue Thieves play riff laden songs bringing in tones influenced by classic rock to create a textured psychedelic sound of soul, blues and feedback!  We love their trippy sound almost a cross between a gentler Oh Sees and Prefab Sprout.

Craig Ingham, who is the singer and guitarist in the band, explains a little about the experience of writing the song: “Michal Domin (bass) and I wrote 37th Floor in Hyde Park. It was really hot but then, all of a sudden, it started to rain a lot. A rainbow appeared and it ended exactly where we’d written the song. Like the rainbow, the song is about an aftermath, about what happens when a relationship is over. It’s about change and how there are different levels for things, how things can go up and down. It’s funny isn’t it how you write a song and then it actually happens and it all makes sense?”

The Statue Thieves released their debut full-length album Laniakea in 2018 and the LP was recorded to tape within a two-day time frame, thus embracing the beauty of imperfections and capturing the energy of the moment. It is a 40-minute excursion into the depths of the human experience, guiding the listener through hallucinatory tributaries about our life in the supercluster Laniakea, the immeasurable heaven home to our planet.

Gennaro Oliviero, who is the drummer mentioned: “Recording has finished on the new E.P and we are in the mixing stage and should be due for release early next year”.

They have been exploring a new range of sounds and a new creative approach for a follow-up of their debut album Laniakea. In the meantime they are preparing for run of shows in UK and Europe for 2020.


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