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by | Aug 13, 2015 | Rock/Media/News

Jana Josephina releases  her eagerly anticipated album Contradiction on August 14th, 2015. The album features singles I Know, Avalanche and Dreamdancer and this great song Avian Me. The video has Jana portraying many emotions and nailing them home with the hand-held-heart.

Contradiction Cover

We asked Jana why did she choose the title Contradictions for her album title and in a very theatrical way she responded:

“Because I want to be wild and I want to be tame, I want to take and I want to give, I’m an adult but I’m also still very much a child. It’s a very human thing, to be composed of extremes. I’m just being honest. That’s me, full of contradictions.”

Jana Josephina creates icily infectious, emotionally engaging, magisterial and melodic 21st century pop.  Jana writes the melodies and lyrics herself while the music and production are courtesy of Joe Cross, who has worked with Zoot Woman, the electro-pop outfit featuring super-producer Stuart Price and Manchester duo Hurts.

Music is Jana’s first love, but it’s by no means her only area of expertise: she is an actress too, and has appeared for the last decade and a half in various theatre productions, movies and television shows.

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