Video Of The Year: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Kimino Mikata

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Sound/Vision

The music video for Kimino Mikata by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was directed by Jun Tamakai, the first in three years and who has worked on almost all of Kyary’s music videos including PONPONPON, Fashion Monster, and Mondai Girl. The concept conceived by Tamakai and used no CGI whatsoever.

Kyary is joined by 12 dancers who make skilled use of multiple tablets displaying lyrics, Kyary’s face and other visuals. The fact the the entire video was filmed in one shot with no cuts makes this an amazing visual treat and gets our vote as Video Of The Year.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu said
“This was the first music video I have done in one take. It was tense knowing that if we messed up even a little we’d have to start all over again. Teamwork was key for this video. I’m glad we were all able to work hard together and overcome it! The footage on the tablets is packed with more small details than I thought, so I hope you can have fun watching it over and over! The choreography is cute too, so please try copying it and dancing yourselves.”

It took two days to shoot both the tablet footage filmed before as well as the main video performance itself. The content shot in advance that is displayed on the tablets shows situations that match the lyrics, like Kyary lip syncing underwater. The video is unlike anything we’ve seen from Kyary before. The new track was written by Yasutaka Nakata as a present for Kyary’s birthday.

Jun Tamukai said:
“This was Kyary’s first one shot music video. Everybody was nervous during the real filming. During one particular take, Kyary said to the dancers, who had made a mistake, ‘Now that you mention it, I think I may have messed up in the first chorus too!’ It was telling of her when she exaggerated that. I thought, ‘She’s so kind,’ but turns out she had actually messed up [in that part.] The music video flows with such kindness like that. (Of course, the take we used [for the video] is the one where we got it right.) It’s absolutely packed with fun gimmicks from start to end, so make sure you watch carefully and don’t miss out!”


By Simon Jay

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